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Anna Vorobyeva


SHUSHA is a brand of games inspired by innovative ideas and with a common recognisable styling.

We are Anastasia Sherbakova (designer, graduated from Moscow Art and Industrial Stroganov Academy) and Vasily Perfilyev (architect, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute). Our styling is based on late XIX and early XX century Russian art. The rich artistic tradition of that era was highly inclusive with a rich legacy of paintings, music, theatre and literature, serving as one of the more successful periods in Russian culture. It's that very legacy that put Russia on top culturally over that period of time. We are aiming at creating a Russian child-oriented brand visible on global market. Today, our toys can be bought in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, USA and Europe.

SHUSHA toys are unlike any others, they combine values equaly important to parents and children. On the one hand, SHUSHA toys are traditional and safe high-quality educational toys made of natural resources and pleasant to hold, fit to be passed over generations. On the other hand, they are innovative and attractive modern games with a multitude of possible outcomes, not unlike an app you can always take with you. Parents and children alike find exactly what they look for in SHUSHA products. In addition to that, SHUSHA products are made by highest design and production standards. SHUSHA products have Russian, European and other sertificates, and have been tested at kindergardens. The bread and butter of our menu are construction kits. Our games are intentionally executed in a minimalistic design remimiscent of 1920-s avantgarde. We offer a child simple forms and elements to create with, utilizing and expanding their immagination. Developing an abstact train of thought allows a child to categorize, pick out what's important, generate new images and ideas - an important foundation for the future. SHUSHA products provide children with a creative field. They don't have a predetermined outcome. They develop attention to detail, motorics, immagination, and most importantly good taste, artistic potential and sense of humor.

We develop our game patterns and designs along with technological details on our own. We cooperate with child psychiatrists and teachers to test the benefits of our products, adjust the tutorials and their involment in professional activities. SHUSHA poducts are present at the Russian, EU, US, Japanese, Corean, and Chinese markets. We perennially take part in the Spielwarenmesse toy fair in Nuremberg, and were awarded the Best Toy Award by the Association des Ludothèques Françaises at the Salon du Jouet & du Jeu-2012.


We put our love in our toys, as if we were making them for our own kids!